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There are a number of questions our listeners frequently ask. This section is our effort at making the information you want just a bit more accessible. Didn’t find the answer you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll get you the answer you need. And who knows? Your question may even become an FAQ!

Can I Listen to The Well Online?

Yes! Thanks to The Well web player, iPhone app, and Android app, you can listen to sound Bible teaching online—wherever you are! Want the ultimate in convenience? Enable The Well’s Amazon Alexa Skill!


Can I Give Online?

Yes! Individuals can give through our Donate page. Interested in a Business Partnership? Talk with Chad Stanley.

Can I Change My Donation Amount?

Yes! Contact Leah Coombs. She will help you get it done!

Can My Business Advertise On-Air?

Yes and no. “No” in the sense that 89.5 KVNE is 100% commercial-free (i.e., we don’t do that kind of advertising). “Yes” in the sense that we do express gratitude on-air for our KVNE Business Partners. Interested? Talk with Chad Stanley.

Can I Contact A Staff Member Directly?

Yes! You can email our staff and/or connect with them on social media from their bio pages, which you can find on our team page.

Can I Get Directions to the Station?

Yes! Click the link below for directions in your preferred app!

Can I Tour The Station?

Absolutely! Contact either Jennifer Bailey or Kayla Berrier to set that up.

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