Crisis response ministries

Crisis Response Ministries exist to minister to our neighbors as an extension of God’s own love and compassion. In times of crisis, we are prepared and readily step forward to comfort others with the comfort we also have received.

reaching out with compassion

Times of crisis strike us all whether it’s a visible natural disaster, the physical loss from a crime, or the emotional burdens we suffer in a crisis. It can be overwhelming to know where to turn for help.

We understand how devastating it can be to think about what to do. Crisis Response Ministry exists to be the hands and feet of Christ to bring compassionate resources to those in need.

Our specially trained crisis response teams are passionate about giving back to provide the comfort and care they have experienced themselves.

Objective 1: Train

Train volunteers and coordinate opportunities to help those in crisis.

Objective 2: Deploy

Deploy a team of crisis-trained volunteers in areas of disaster as well as personal crisis.

Objective 3: Partner

By providing physical, emotional and spiritual care – and partnering with other crisis and disaster-focused organizations – we exponentially increase the reach and effectiveness of government agencies.