About Breckenridge

  • For over two decades Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT) has been “a safe haven” for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • At the heart of our mission is providing hope, love, and home by empowering our dedicated staff to provide compassionate care for these very vulnerable individuals through our residential and day program services.
  • Our goal is to provide quality services that meet the unique needs of the individuals entrusted to our care.
  • We are dedicated to empowering each resident to develop spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in a loving closely supervised environment. Thus, enabling them to function successfully in family, group living and community settings.
  • After more than 20 years of carrying on the dream of Mrs. Jean Breckenridge, the programs and services of BVT have grown exponentially. Currently BVT has an active $5 Million capital campaign for what will be the Douglas R. Mehling II Center.
  • Expected to break ground in 2021, this new multipurpose building will house much-needed event and program space, greatly expanding the Village’s ability to provide valuable day program services to individuals in the community and beyond.

More about Ministry Partners

  • Ministry Partners are just that: partners in our Lord’s ministry that we have gotten to know well and that we are aligned with!
  • So you can feel confident in who they are and what they do for others across our community.
  • They are non-profit ministries who focus on serving Christ by serving others in the way they are called to do so.
  • Each month, we will focus on a different Ministry Partner.