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Hello, today marks a reunion with my kids after 9 months. I ask for Your love, grace, and forgiveness to fill our time together. Cover us with the blood of Christ, protecting us and fostering healing. May this visit be guided by Your perfect love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Received: December 16, 2023

Dawn Henbest

Please pray for me Dawn henbest please pray for my family my sister and bandera and my Aunt Janice please pray for me that God will forgive me all my sins that God will heal me physically mentally emotionally that God will save me he only spiritually and rescue me for my sins please pray for my family that God will forgive them for their sins and rescue them from their sins that they become safe like me please pray for me please pray I don't lose my house and all my benefits please pray that I say stay in physical good health that I can still walk and not being pain anymore I had trouble walking I didn't think I could ever walk again because I was in so much pain please pray I can still walk in that suffering pain please pray for my Aunt Donna because I will touch her heart that she will stop holding angry and grudges towards me from the past please pray to God will touch your heart that we can get close together in a relationship like we were we had a good relationship of relationship is falling apart because he's holding a grudge in anger please play that God will change her heart around to be a loving caring person like she was towards me we don't keep in touch anymore she doesn't let me do overnights and come over and spend time at the House because she's holding a lot of angry grudges please pray I can start spending the night at the house please pray that we can get closer relationship together please pray that she will let me come over again and we could be a family please pray I don't lose my family my aunt is my conservator please pray I never lose my relationship with her that I will never lose her as a family please pray that we stay close together I never lose my sister Amanda please pray that we keep close together have a good relationship as a family please pray I don't lose my monthly income that I get every month I had problems with my monthly income I almost lost everything I could have lost my house and been homeless please pray I don't lose my income State money that I still have house in over my head amen

Received: December 8, 2023

Jeff McBride

I am humbly asking for prayer for my upcoming colonoscopy. Please pray that the procedure will go flawlessly. Pray that every part of my colon will be healthy and free of any polyps, abnormalities or issues. Pray that the medical team will take care of me and guide the surgeons hands to perform the procedure with expertise, precision, and care and NO sedation will be needed or required. Pray that the procedure will go comfortably, quickly and no discomfort or pain. Please pray for a clean bill of health and everything will go perfectly and I have nothing to worry about. I am so stressed about this. I have never had one done before. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. I hope this all makes sense and please pray for all aspects of this procedure to go perfectly. Pray that everyone will be so very kind, caring, compassionate and will keep me calm for the procedure. And, that again, I have nothing to worry about as I have all of you wonderful people praying for me. And, I thank you all so very much. I am SO very appreciative of all of your prayers for this. I am so blessed. Thank you, SO much, from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Jeff McBride

Received: December 3, 2023


Pray favor with supervisor about 2023 vacation discrepancy will get days off scheduled...

Received: November 15, 2023


Please pray for my 83 year old dad & my 82 year old mom they have so many health problems & they are depressed & my 82 year old mom takes care of my 83 year old dad 24/7. Also, pray for my husband that he starts hanging around with his friend Robert he is a drug addict that pushes Marijuana on my husband. I will pray 4 U 2!!

Received: November 14, 2023


Continued prayer on my housing situation. I pray for my landlord and her heart and actions. I pray that she ceases her vindictive actions and agrees to the terms to vacate our home early per her request in order to sell our rental. I pray for my heart and mind to stop feeling angry at my landlord. I pray for peace and financial grace over this situation. The Lord has been and will be so faithful and true. I pray this period of trials and tribulations are close to an end.

Received: November 14, 2023


Please can you pray against temptation. Thank you

Received: November 13, 2023

R. Family

I pray God puts Armor on and around Ashley and me and my family, and CS and BW, and doesn't allow attacks nor possession, nor any evil, near, on, or around any of us, in Jesus Name,

Please pray God protects us, lifting up Ashley that all ungodly contracts on her and us are cancelled and broken now, in Jesus Name, I decree and declare Ashley will no longer be a vessel for: evil, anxiety, sickness, trauma, poverty, disease, nor anything ungodly, I decree and declare none of our loved ones, my family nor I, will ever be vessels for evil ever again, either,I cover us all in the Blood of Jesus, Lord send winds of health,prosperity, blessings, joy, deliverance, protection , and love, over,in and on: Ashley, Sarah, CS, BW, Me (BR), Mitch and all of our families now, please have mercy on us, break and block all curses from every one of us, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Received: November 11, 2023


Hello all, I would like to request prayers for my cousins family. They have every evil practice going on and say they are Christians but their lifestyles say they are not. There has been abuse of all kinds in their home. They is also narcissism, lying, swindling, anger, pornography and fits of rage just to name a few. I have been praying for their healing and God is starting to work and I do see some effort but there just seems to be so much to overcome for the whole family. The devil really has a grip on all of them. The kids are grown and have grandkids of their own and I see the abuse patterns just going down the line.

Please pray for their healing and anything that can bring them back to God.


Received: November 8, 2023


Hello fellow Christians, I am requesting prayers for my brother Jason and his wife Sean. Our family grew up in the church and I know sometimes we don't always walk with God like we should. I see Jason getting further and further away from God and listening to the world and they are both becoming more and more worldly and he is almost unrecognizable to me now. I do pray for them but I believe this is a serious situation that only prayer and God can conquer. I pray that God opens their spiritual eyes and ears and he puts people or things in their life to draw them both back. If there is something else that I should pray please let me know. Thank you all for your wonderful station. I listen to it every morning and afternoon on the way to work and back. God bless us all.

Received: November 8, 2023

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